Hell’s Hollow Haunt will be closed for the 2020 season. 

Due to the covid restrictions of social distancing and public group numbers we feel that we would not be able to offer our guests the quality of the expected entertainment experience that we have offered for the last 8 years in business.

See you in 2021, BIGGER AND BETTER than ever!

Investigate a piece of history...

After Iron City Iron Ore Furnace was unearthed and discovered, extensive research has been completed. Built in 1838 by William Wallace, it was a hard-working furnace that employed many workers.

You can still view the furnace, although the chimney is felled, and see the remnants of the stone bridge built over Coal Creek (under the walking bridge). Bog ore was dug by hand near the sand pits and was used to manufacture the iron. However, iron was difficult to transport to market on these dirt roads that would turn to mud during the rainy season. Then in 1856, it closed as the last iron works to survive those times in the township.

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