The trail is rugged, and at times, a bit muddy...
but you'll have a blast!

You are now entering the Forest...

It’s very old and serene and the trees are of many types, tall and thick. Some of the sunshine is blocked; some rays can still peek through. There are also small trees, brush, berries, and ferns in this forest. Many large trees have fallen, from lightning and age, also from beavers. These holes in the canopy allow just enough light through to grow new seedlings. This is how most of Mercer County looked in the 1600s to its first inhabitants, the Native American Indian.

Hike the Trail (age 10 and over) $5/person
Hike the Trail (under age 10, accompanied by adult) FREE
Buggy Rental 1.5 hours (seats 2 adults + 1 child) $30/cart

Our Wildlife Adventure Trail is a 4-mile trek through the hills and valleys of Western PA.

Trails are open 8am to 6pm, April through November, weather permitting. 

Register at Spring Valley Golf and Lodge to receive your trail map.

Please be considerate of the trail cart, wildlife, and property around you, as this is a slow paced, enjoyable ride through the woods, not a thrill ride.

*A signed release form is required. All attractions at Hell's Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail and Hell's Hollow Haunt are a private business enterprise and you participate at your own risk.